Our Commitment to Protecting Agriculture

The agricultural industry is one of the most vital components of our economy and is critical to the well being of our nation. Regions Insurance is committed to creating long term, strategic partnerships to ensure that you and your operations are properly insured. Our experienced professionals will work with you to tailor insurance solutions to protect your most valuable assets. Our agents have expertise in all aspects of farm/ranch and agricultural operations.

Customers We Serve

  • Corporate owned farms
  • Owner-occupied family farms
  • Commercial property & casualty agribusiness
  • Upscale hobby farms

Target Industries

  • Row crop farms
  • Cattle and livestock farms
  • Dairy farms
  • Catfish farms
  • Catfish processors
  • Grain elevators
  • Cotton gins and warehouses
  • Implement dealers
  • Feed Mills and manufacturers
  • Ag chemical distributors, etc

Lines of Coverage

  • General and farm liability (increased limits for chemical drift and other lines available)
  • Farm equipment (GPS and electronic equipment included)
  • Business and personal Autos (seasonal ratings available as well as replacement cost on autos and equipment)
  • Commercial and residential property
  • Farm property (grain bins, center pivots, implement sheds and shops)
  • Excess liability

No matter which state you are located in, Regions has the expertise available to satisfy your insurance and risk management needs. For more information contact Regions Insurance.

Multiple Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI)

Multiple Peril Crop Insurance was developed by the Federal Crop Insurance Corporation and provides coverage against unavoidable crop loss for most crops. MPCI is the general category of all products currently available. The different products are designed so farmers can customize their risk management strategy, even by crop.There are products that protect against individual yield loss, price or a combination of yield and price; dollar amount products for specific crops that are production based; plus products using county-based yield loss and revenue loss. Rates are set by the FCIC, so cost does not vary from company to company or agent to agent.

Crop Hail insurance is also available and offers additional protection. Crop Hail is not a federally subsidized product, and rates and product can vary from company to company. For more information contact Regions Insurance.
Investment and Insurance Products: