Introducing the Regions Insurance Client Resource Team

Employee benefits are but a component of your total compensation strategy, which in reality is only a part of your overall approach to managing your organization's largest investment – your valued employees.

At Regions Insurance, we see the big picture and understand the importance of managing all of the risks associated with your workforce while protecting your organization's growth and profitability.

Employers today are overwhelmed with more than 50 categories of employment, labor and personnel regulations, which impact nearly every aspect of the employer-employee relationship. Moreover, court decisions, new legislation, agency rulings and regulations bombard your company almost daily.

While it is difficult for even the most experienced and seasoned HR professionals to keep up with these changes and their ramifications, our team is here to support you through this ever-evolving climate.

Our Client Resource Team

Our client resource team consists of senior-level experienced HR professionals and law-trained employment and ERISA associates dedicated to proactively monitoring changes in employee benefit rules and regulations that may affect your employee benefits program. While you are occupied with running a business and managing a workforce, our Client Resource Team is working behind the scenes with you and your professional advisors to ensure you have the information and strategies necessary to operate an effective organization.

Whether trying to understand the impact of the Affordable Care Act, experiencing a concern over an FMLA or ADA issue, or simply revising your employee handbook, Regions Insurance offers a staff of professional advisors dedicated to assisting you along the right path and developing a plan to help mitigate risk.
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