Data Analytics

The Health Management Division delivers practical solutions to Regions Insurance clients for issues relative to planning, management, execution and outcomes measurement of health management strategies. Our team partners with clients that want to focus on population health management (PHM) and offers tools to assist with most any health management-related issue – from initial program and procedure development to utilization and outcomes analysis.

Benefit Plan Cost Management Processes

As the cost of insuring your employees continues to increase due to medical inflation, legislation, resource demand, misuse of benefits and many other factors, you are often left with limited options to manage your costs effectively. Whether you are experiencing increases in your medical claims or in prescription or disability claims, Regions Insurance will work with you to help actively mitigate the rise in health-related costs.

Addressing the External Medical Market is Critical

Like any employer, you want to make decisions to reduce financial exposure and enhance profitability. By addressing how medical providers, insurance carriers and ancillary vendors are both utilized and compensated, their actual impacts can be quantified and your costs managed. The Regions health management team assists in all crucial elements of healthcare procurement so medical cost expectation is transparent and defined, and all external stakeholders are held accountable for administering and delivering healthcare to your employees and their families.
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