Introducing Regions TruSelect TM

A new approach to employee benefits purchasing

Benefit costs continue to rise and are getting harder to predict and manage. At Regions Insurance, we're doing something about it. We offer a new approach to employee benefits purchasing that you and your employees will love.

Regions Insurance TruSelect helps employees spend their benefits dollars wisely and was created to provide an easier, more personalized way of shopping for health insurance coverage and other valuable employee benefits. Whether you are shopping for benefits the first time, or you are looking for new health insurance coverage at open enrollment, we are going to help you find a great match.

A Variety of Coverage Options for Employees. Controlled Costs For You.

Benefits to participating employers include the ability to manage costs by using a defined contribution model. The model allows employers to set a predetermined contribution for insurance options over a specific period of time, resulting in a consistent method of budgeting. Regions Insurance TruSelect also reduces administrative burdens on employers by connecting employees directly with trained advisors who can answer employee benefit questions.

Advantages for employees of participating companies include a broader selection of coverage options than traditional benefits plans. Options will include the ability to establish a health savings account. With multiple plans available on the private exchange, employees will have greater flexibility to customize insurance coverage to meet their specific needs. The private exchange also provides an opportunity for employees to increase their control over take-home pay as a result of the ability to choose from multiple options and price points.
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